CSV / XML Stock Data Feeds

We have multiple data feed options available from our website, all data feeds are updated at least daily with stock feeds being updated every 30 minutes giving you almost live stock data that you can use to keep your own website up to date with our warehouse.

CSV Stock Update File

Stock related data, this file is ideal for keeping your online stock 100% up to date with our warehouse stock.

Update Interval: Every 30 Minutes

File Location: https://www.apwwholesale.co.uk/feeds/apw_stock.csv.


Position: Field: Contents: 
0sku APW Line Identifier.
1ean EAN Identifier.
2stock Our Item Stock Qty (See Below).
3status Item Stock Status (See Below).
4eta ETA for New Stock Arrival.
5comstock Combined Stock (See Below).

Interpreting Stock Feed Information

All our files contain three fields (qty, isinstock & deliveryeta) which relate to stock availability both in our warehouse and in that of our brand suppliers, as such the information contained in the three fields needs to be interpreted to get the best use from it within your own system.

Stock Qty Field

This field relates to the amount of stock held within our own warehouse and has three possible values (Red, Yellow, Green), interpreted as below:

Stock Field Contents: Meaning: 
Green 5+ Items In Stock within Our Warehouse
Yellow 1 - 5 Items In Stock within Our Warehouse
Red Out Of Stock within Our Warehouse

Status Field

This field relates to stock held in both our warehouse and our suppliers warehouses and has two possible values (In Stock, or Our Of Stock), interpreted as below:

Status Field Contents: Meaning: 
In Stock In Stock either within our warehouse or within our suppliers warehouse,
Out Of Stock Out Of Stock with both ourselves and our suppliers.

Combining Stock Fields to Get Full Stock Positions

If you combine the two stock fields above you can translate into a very accurate prediction of delivery times which can be displayed to your customers etc.

Stock: Status: Meaning: 
Green In Stock Item Available for Same Day Despatch From Our Warehouse.
Yellow In Stock Item Available for Same Day Despatch From Our Warehouse, but local stock is low.
Red In Stock Item Not In Local Stock but available from our suppliers, will be shipped as soon as it arrives with us.
Red Out Of Stock Item Not Available form either ourselves our or suppliers.

Using the Comstock Combined Stock Field

The ComStock field can be used to simplify the above process and provides a pre calculated combined stock position for any item on our feed.

ComStock: Status: Meaning: 
in stock In Stock Item Available From Our Warehouse or That of Our Suppliers.
low stock Low Stock Item Available in Limited Quantities (5 or Less) From Our Warehouse or That of Our Suppliers.
no stock Out Of Stock Item Not Available form either ourselves our or suppliers.

Product Files

There are a number of files which can be used to load products into your website, these are separated by brand and generated on a daily basis, all of the files follow the same format, but contain products only for the associated brand:

Noir Handmade File Location: https://www.apwwholesale.co.uk/feeds/apw_prods_noirhand.csv

Demoniq Lingerie File Location: https://www.apwwholesale.co.uk/feeds/apw_prods_demoniq.csv

Fever Lingerie File Location: https://www.apwwholesale.co.uk/feeds/apw_prods_fever.csv

Oscuro File Location: https://www.apwwholesale.co.uk/feeds/apw_prods_oscuro.csv

Pjur Lubes File Location: https://www.apwwholesale.co.uk/feeds/apw_prods_pjur.csv


Position: Field: Contents: 
0sku APW Line Identifier
1group_sku Product Group Identifier
2ean EAN Number
3brand Product Brand
4title Product Name
5desc Product Description
6category Our Category Definition
7size Product Size Variant
8colour Product Colour Variant
9msrp Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
10image Product Image URL (this is our URL, you must copy these images to use on your site, not link to our URL's)
11shipping_weight Shipping Weight (this is the greater of either the actual or volumetric weight).
12gender Target Gender of the Item
13cost Cost Price

Exchange Rates:

Each month we set our prices on the 1st of the month according to the average exchange rate between the Euro / USD and GBP over the previous month as relevant to the products in question, this way we can ensure that our wholesale prices track the factory direct prices as closely as possible and gives you the best possible offers.

These monthly updates are currently applicable to the Pleaser Shoes, Noir Handmade and Demoniq brands.

The current rates are as follows:

EUR: 0.9118
USD: 0.7718
PLN: 0.2129

Updated: Monday 4th September 2017 - these rates will be used in all price conversions for the current month and will be reset again on the 1st of next month.

Website Automation

If you already have a website and your not sure how to integrate any of the stock feeds above then contact us for advice, we may be abel to assist you to get your website up and running with our live data.